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Translate directly into your final layout – DTP service & galley proof review

Layout adaptation is an add-on service in which our graphic-design and typesetting experts make sure that your translation is well-formatted within the original layout. It combines two services into one add-on service: Desktop publishing (DTP) and checking of galley proofs.

Our DTP service involves professional native-speaker graphic designers incorporating the translated texts directly into the desired layout file, for example in Adobe InDesign. In a second step – checking of galley proofs – our linguists review whether all the line breaks and hyphenations are correct for the target language.

3 good reasons to choose layout adaptation

Error-free documents –
thanks to native speakers

Is the Cyrillic text in the right place? Do the Arabic characters run from right to left? Is the Chinese caption positioned correctly?

Especially for languages that use alphabets other than our own, but even for the global language of English as well – native-speaker graphic designers are indispensable when it comes to layouts and typesetting. They automatically know how to handle every syllable and keep the layout true to the original.

Streamlined processes –
fewer extra steps

When your translations are produced directly by our layout experts, you save your graphics department or agency unnecessary and error-prone intermediate steps.

tolingo has been working with established processes for more than a decade, which facilitates efficient and high-quality translations. This is also evidenced by our ISO certifications for translation services, quality management and information security.

Ready-to-print files –
in the original layout

Brochures, magazines, catalogues, manuals, instruction leaflets, operating instructions – we deliver your translation as a finalised file. Ready to be printed or published online.

Our international specialists for desktop publishing services work with a wide range of programmes. For example: Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Keynote, PowerPoint, Quicksilver, Quark Express, Framemaker, Dreamweaver and many more.

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Layout adaptation – when it needs to look good

Sometimes, a Word document just won’t do! Copying original texts, corrected texts and translated texts back and forth becomes less sensible the more complex the original layout file is, and the less knowledge the responsible project managers have of the respective foreign language.

But even in widely spoken English, there are many characters and symbols and even spaces that may be placed differently (or not used at all). Not every native speaker is even aware of these typographical rules – but our experienced linguists certainly are. Together with specialists in DTP services, they adapt your translations down to the smallest detail in the original layout, ensuring that everything is presented professionally.

The add-on service of layout adaptation
  • saves you the stress of preparing and copying text into and out of different documents,
  • minimises the risk of graphic designers incorrectly placing content and
  • ensures that the translations are carried out correctly and faithfully by experienced native speakers.

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I can advise you on layout adaptation using a wide variety of software programmes. My aim: Your texts should be formatted exactly like the original document – no matter the language.


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