Additional services for business requirementsAdditional services for business requirements
Additional services

Additional services for business requirements

tolingo offers complete solutions down to the smallest translation detail. As a well-known translation provider, not only do we offer high-quality specialist translations, round-the-clock service and a portfolio that covers almost every possible language combination in the world, but we also have a range of additional services that make it easier for translation projects to be completed quickly and successfully. From translation memories for easy access to previously translated texts and file engineering for preparing any file format in any size, to desktop publishing so that you receive a fully laid out target document straight away – tolingo offers international companies and agencies all the resources they need to ensure the most successful outcome possible for their translation projects.

From glossary creation and document preparation to reviewing and layout support

Workflow and experience are crucial factors in the success of every business project, which is why hundreds of German companies have been using various additional tolingo services to manage and implement their translation projects for more than a decade – including glossary and style guide creation or enhanced project management services such as two and three-stage reviews. In addition to this, our large service team also assists companies with document layout and graphic design work, as well as with particularly time-critical translation projects (express translations) or documents requiring certified translation.

Additional services from tolingo – benefits for you:

  • Over 15 years of experience in globally connected project management 
  • Fully integrated service portfolio
  • Modern, certified technology for efficient processes
  • Large service team with graphical and technical expertise
  • Tailored quotations and service packages for your individual needs
  • Round-the-clock translation service
  • Fast response times and personalised consulting

Complete solutions for your business