Experienced translation partner in today’s internationalised business worldExperienced translation partner in today’s internationalised business world

Successful solutions for more than a decade

As a well-known and experienced translation partner in today’s internationalised business world, tolingo already offers hundreds of corporate clients suitable solutions to simple, fast and complex challenges each day – whether they involve time-critical deadlines, customised workflows, specific technical requirements or translations into every language combination with the utmost quality assurance. Use our reference section to find out more. Our three selected case studies will give you a comprehensive picture of the scope of our services, our approach to projects, and our solutions.

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Case studies

Teaser image Connox


Translation of e-commerce product descriptions in a number of language combinations, using a terminology database.

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Teaser image HR7


Website translation with holistic consulting – into English, with defined workflows for text import and export.

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Teaser image Becker Sondermaschinen

Becker Sonder-Maschinenbau

Translation of highly technical texts – into various Eastern European languages, using prescribed specialist terminology.

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Customer feedback

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The thing I like most is the friendly and unique service as well as the high-quality translations. I find it very practical that the translation is done in the original document, meaning I can use it right away without having to edit the document beforehand. Michael Meinke - Technical Documentation 

Logo Chrono24

We see tolingo as a reliable partner for translating content that we have created externally. We can always rely on a quick and punctual service, as well as friendly and competent contacts. Their flexibility when it comes to unusual projects is a particularly positive aspect –  tolingo is also open to creative solutions. Miriam Senft - Translation Manager


Logo WPR communications

We see tolingo as a reliable service provider which has been providing excellent support with our work for our international clients for years now through the diverse range of languages it offers. While working together, all enquiries are also answered in a timely manner and every job is always processed within a short timeframe. WPR Communication GmbH & Co. KG

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tolingo has been translating our image and documentary films for over 2 years now. We are very happy with both the service and the customer support. We have commissioned several translations for lip-synching with precise running times and have always been impressed by the quality of the service. We can rely on tolingo completely in this regard, which is why we can recommend them without any reservations. tolingo is always reliable and, most importantly, punctual. Lawrence Richards – Managing Director

Logo Hutshopping

As a multilingual online shop that ships across Europe, it eventually became unfeasible for us to translate all the necessary texts in-house. During our search for a reliable partner, we quickly decided on tolingo: The quality and speed of the translations, the competent personal consultations and the smooth ordering process makes it very pleasant and reassuringly easy to work with tolingo. Marvin Göbel - Quality Management 

Provided services

Successfully localise or internationalise your website

Website translation

With tolingo as a partner for translating your website, there are no limits when it comes to localising and/or internationalising your company and winning new customers abroad.

Website translation
Asian woman is handed a delivery and smiles at the delivery man - express translation

Express translation

Even when things need to happen quickly, we make sure that every project is handled correctly for the subject area and all delivered translations are of high quality - for all industries and languages.

Express translation
Expert for professional specialist translations in multiple industries

Specialist translation

In contrast to literary translation specialist translation demands not only excellent linguistic skills but also utmost precision regarding word choice and knowledge of the subject area and its terminology.

Specialist translation