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Translations of specialist legal texts, contracts and court documents can only be absolutely reliable if, as well as having the necessary linguistic competence, the translator understands the legal framework in question. At tolingo translation agency, we use highly specialised and extremely experienced translators to translate texts in which every word matters: qualified specialist legal translators.

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Professional translation –
legal experts

When it comes to complex legal texts, we only work with qualified specialist legal translators who are familiar with the relevant legal systems in both the source and target-language countries. Or our artificial intelligence (AI) can create a precise and correct translation, which our experts can then check and approve if you wish.

Quadruple certification –
TÜV & LinquaCERT

Our processes ensure the highest standard of quality and maximum security. tolingo has multiple certifications: for translation services (ISO 17100), post-editing of machine translations (ISO 18587), quality management (ISO 9001) and standards and measures in relation to information security (ISO/IEC 27001).

Fast & even faster –
(super) express Option

With over 6,000 translators across all time zones of the world, we can always turn your orders around quickly. Depending on the length of the text, it will be delivered quickly and reliably in just a few days. If you want, we can also work even more quickly on orders that are given Express or Super-Express priority.


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Professional specialist legal translations –
for law firms, legal departments, public authorities & government agencies

Specialist legal texts include complex technical terms, are extremely precise and must never contain any errors. Translation therefore requires absolute precision and there is no room for interpretation. Our specialist legal translators are experts in the legal language used in both the source and target languages and always translate the content accurately and with an eye for the crucial details. In the case of long texts or when speed is a priority, a machine translation can also be very helpful – especially for specialist legal texts. Our highly specialised AI is used hand-in-hand with our experienced specialist legal translators. In this way, we combine speed with quality.

We recommend our Smart package for legal translations. With this translation solution, we use artificial intelligence only if it is suitable for the text and brings added value to the translation. Our specialist translators ensure that your text is not only accurate in terms of content, but is also translated correctly from a legal point of view.



Fast and focused on the essentials. Our artificial intelligence translates your texts, experienced translators check to see if the core information has actually been translated correctly and make improvements to the text if necessary.

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Recommended for legal translations


A high-quality translation at a really good price. DWe select the best way of achieving an effective translation according to your specifications. we only utilise AI-supported technology when it measurably improves the quality of the final product.

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4-eyes-plus – for the highest standards. Two experienced translators who specialise in the respective subject area work on your text. The first person translates, the second person corrects and revises the text for style.

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You can find more information about our translation solutions and prices here.

Legal translations

We translate

  • Apostilles and deeds
  • Certificates of commercial registration
  • Contracts and statutes
  • Court decisions
  • Degrees and certificates
  • Documents relating to patents
  • Driver’s licences and certificates of good conduct
  • General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Legal translations – what is important & what you can expect from us

There are two factors that make a legal translation special: on the one hand, the content must be carried over extremely precisely from the source to the target language. On the other, technical terms must be translated correctly, used consistently and also applied in the right context in the target language. This requires certified translators with the necessary expertise and experience.

Legal texts, contracts and court documents also frequently contain sensitive information that is only intended for the sender and recipient. Our employees and translators are therefore all contractually obliged to maintain confidentiality. On request, we will be happy to confirm this level of security in writing with a declaration of confidentiality.

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“We have been using tolingo for a whole range of legal translations ever since it was established and have always been extremely satisfied with the quality delivered and quick turnaround.

Over the years, tolingo has proven to be a professional and reliable partner, particularly when it comes to translation of very long, highly specialised documents within a short timeframe.”

Moritz Diekmann // Diekmann Rechtsanwälte

Translations by certified experts

tolingo is certified both for its translation services (ISO 17100) and for post-editing of machine translations (ISO 18587).

Our certified experts are selected according to established criteria. These include linguistic abilities at native-speaker level, many years of experience in translating legal texts and specialist expertise in the areas of law and jurisprudence. We have these requirements confirmed to us in writing.

Artificial intelligence provides excellent translations for standard legal texts. The results from our AI are equivalent in most cases to those provided by human beings. And if you wish, we can arrange for our experts to check and approve the AI translation.

(Super) fast delivery

You will usually receive your translation within a few days – precisely how quickly depends, of course, on the length of the text. As a matter of principle, we deliver promptly and have created efficient processes for handling every project quickly. But if there are times when you need a translation urgently, we can prioritise your job with the Express and Super Express options and deliver even more quickly.

220+ language combinations

tolingo draws on a pool of over 6,000 translators and covers more than 220 language combinations with them. We therefore have a full range to choose from for specialist legal translations, too, and offer you not only the major world languages but also various dialects. The most popular combinations for translation of legal texts are:

You can find an overview of all the languages here.

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Are you looking for a perfect legal translation? I can advise you on the best translation solution. My aim: Your texts should always be translated correctly – into every language.


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