Translations for the technology industryTranslations for the technology industry

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tolingo is the qualified translation agency you need for the IT, telecommunications, software and electronics industries. The engine of new and improved software solutions never rests. That’s why translations for the technology industry demand a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the field that also incorporates localisation for source data and adjustment to the norms of the target country. With tolingo, you can rest assured that our translators all have these industry-specific specialist skills and know exactly what terminology the target group speaks, understands and expects.

That’s why we’re the experts you need for IT, software, electronics and telecommunications translations

  • tolingo is capable of adapting to rapid changes and can offer prompt translations for the technology industry.
  • From sophisticated software databases to marketing materials, all content types are translated to the highest possible quality standard.
  • All texts are translated by experienced software developers and specialists – quality guaranteed.
  • tolingo offers a huge range of languages: 220 language combinations in all.
  • We’ll implement your translation project quickly, confidentially and to your individual specifications.

The challenges of technology translations

The IT, software, electronics and telecommunications industries are dominated by constant change; every day, new apps, online games and computer programs are developed. That’s why you need to work with translators who have the necessary expertise to understand the content of any source text and skilfully localise it for the respective target language. Another particular quirk of this field is that these texts are usually intended only to convey information, and are therefore written in a factual, objective manner. Our translators in the field of technology are specialised in information technology and are experts in the following sub-areas:

  • Consumer electronics and household appliances
  • IT
  • Software and software strings
  • Telecommunications

tolingo guarantees professional, certified-quality translations for every project.

  • Service portfolio for the technology industry

    tolingo’s service portfolio for translations in the IT, software, electronics and telecommunications industries includes the following content types (among many others):

    • Software translations; software databases
    • Operating systems
    • IT documentation, reference guides and operating manuals
    • Online and computer games
    • Smartphone software and apps
    • Marketing texts, brochures and advertising materials
    • Training materials
    • Product information

    Are you looking for a translation service provider for IT or other sub-areas in the technology industry? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly or via our contact form!

  • Our translators for IT, software, electronics and telecommunications

    Your technology translation project will be handled either by experienced software developers who have the necessary specialist expertise or translators who have specialised in information technology during their training. All of our approximately 1,600 specialist translators are native speakers, and even our project managers are experts in the industry. The translation services tolingo provides for IT and other sub-areas of the technological sector rely on finely honed terminology management.

    We offer the quality guarantee of translation memories, file engineering and glossaries which define corporate wording and specialist terminology. This is how we produce our highly professional translations. And it goes without saying that we safeguard your data carefully.

  • What languages does tolingo translate from and into?

    Our service portfolio includes 220 language combinations. Most of our IT, software, electronics and telecommunications enquiries are for translation from German into English (both UK and US). However, we of course also offer translations into and from French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch, not to mention a huge number of other languages. If you can’t find your desired target language in our overview, you’re welcome to contact us directly.

Our certified working methods

As a certified translation service provider, tolingo is the partner you need for software, electronics, telecommunications and IT translations. Our translation process complies with the international norm ISO 17100:2015. Thanks to many years of experience, we have acquired outstanding proficiency in the industry and therefore produce optimum results. Contact us to learn more about our translation services for technology.

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