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tolingo´s quality standards

Four eye principle

Four eyes are better than two – that’s why every translation is thoroughly checked by a second specialist linguist, to ensure its appropriateness for the target audience.


You can use a glossary to pre-approve specific terms or phrases for translation. This will support the ongoing consistency of your translations, both within and between projects.

Translation Memory

Translation Memory establishes a database of previously translated content, to be referenced and re-used on future projects to support quality and consistency across all of your translation projects.

What is a Translation Memory System? Translation Memory is a language-specific database of your previously translated content. For each project, the text will be analysed to identify matching or repeated ‘segments’ (sections) of text.

While translating, the linguist is offered previous translations from the database, that fit the text in varying degrees. Based on the new context, the linguist choses whether to re-use the previous translation or whether an entirely new translation is more appropriate for the new context.

What are the advantages of using Translation Memory? Segments of text which are repeated in your document need only be translated once and can then be carried over from the Translation Memory to support the consistency and quality of your text.

What this means for you:

  • faster turnaround time for your translations
  • cost savings of up to 50% on a per word basis, an average total cost saving of 20% in the first year
  • improved consistency of style and terminology within and between projects


Proofreading includes checking the style and optimising your source text. In addition, spelling and grammar mistakes will be corrected. We offer this service as standard for every translation project.

Certified translators

Selecting a translator that fits perfectly to the project is the most important element in ensuring that the translation has a top level of quality. tolingo works exclusively with qualified expert translators, whose translation quality is continually monitored. You can find out more about this in the section “Translators”.