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Connox is one of the top online interior design shops on the German market. With over 21,000 selected products from the premium sector, the Hanover-based company provides a wide range of award-winning designer pieces, designer classics and other beautiful home accessories at and, as well as in other international shops. For its team of more than 100 employees, the focus of day-to-day work is always on the customer – who then benefits from high-quality service, direct contact partners and a modern, user-friendly shop.

Customer Benefits

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Translation Project Requirements

In 2016, the customer began having the product descriptions in its online shop translated from German to French. The entire translation project spanned several months; the volume of orders was divided up and delivered in monthly segments. One reason behind this was the savings that result from recurring words, which are saved in the existing translation memory after every partial delivery for use in the next translation. This also guarantees that the translations remain consistent in terms of style, even when several translators are working on texts at the same time.

tolingo’s project managers have gained experience in how to operate and handle the translation management tool used by Connox – meaning they can easily upload finished translations there directly. Every phase of the project – down to the last detail – was agreed in advance with the customer, then prepared by tolingo’s project managers. This intensive preparatory phase ensures that the project as a whole can run smoothly. tolingo’s project managers are constantly supervising the translation status of each project part and guiding it back on track if necessary in order to meet all delivery deadlines with translations of the expected calibre.

What our clients say about us

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Connox is very satisfied with tolingo in every respect, from the transparency of all their services and project management to the quality of the translations, consultation and resolution of any questions that came up during the project – not to mention their flexibility with regard to delivery and modification requests. And given the scope of the whole package, the price is completely justified. 

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Selection of our services

Expert for professional specialist translations in multiple industries

Specialist translation

In contrast to literary translation specialist translation demands not only excellent linguistic skills but also utmost precision regarding word choice and knowledge of the subject area and its terminology.

Specialist translation
Glossaries for cross-document translation consistency

Creation of glossaries

A glossary is a list of terms and jargon with fixed translations, ensuring standardised terminology and consistent use of industry and company-specific language in a translation.

SEO translation to achieve the most search hits in the search engine of your target country

SEO translation

For an SEO translation, important keywords from the source text are localised in such a way that the translation achieves the most results or search hits in the leading search engine in the target country.

SEO translation