The highest quality in every aspect of the translation processThe highest quality in every aspect of the translation process

Our quality speaks for itself

At tolingo, guaranteeing the highest quality in every aspect of the translation process is firmly anchored in our company philosophy. From our full-time staff to external specialist translators, from data security to the innovative technology we work with, our translation services and processes are regularly checked by independent auditors and optimised for the benefit of our clients – with the focus always on the client’s needs and specifications, as well as the evolution of and trends in local and global markets. What is more, we set ourselves high standards for systematically improving quality in a sustainable manner for our international business partners.

Certified quality pioneer: as “good” isn’t good enough for us

As an innovative translation service provider renowned throughout Germany and around the world, we are very serious about constantly improving our service and product quality. This is demonstrated particularly clearly by the numerous internationally recognised certifications we’ve obtained – issued by independent authorities in Germany and abroad such as TÜV. In our quality-management policies, we prioritise increasing the overall level of quality throughout our entire value chain, from project management and selecting a specialist translator to the production of individual translations in over 220 language combinations for clients from every industry with a wide variety of needs.

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