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Translation of medical texts – precision and expertise

Accuracy is the decisive factor where the health of patients is concerned. This is particularly important for medical and pharmaceutical texts such as patient information leaflets or instructions for medical products. At the tolingo translation agency, we have particularly high quality standards in respect of medical translations. Our qualified specialists translate accurately and supported by our artificial intelligence system if desired.

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Precise translations –
all medical texts

For accurate and professional medical translations, we work with highly qualified specialist translators who have proven their medical expertise and relevant translation experience. And when it makes sense, our artificial intelligence system (AI) prepares highly precise texts that our experts will check through and approve, if desired.

Quadruple certification –
by TÜV & LinquaCERT

You order, we deliver a translation in top quality and with maximum security. The excellent quality of tolingo’s translation services has been awarded four certifications: for translation services (ISO 17100), for post-editing of machine translations (ISO 18587), for our quality management (ISO 9001) and our information security (ISO/IEC 27001).

Punctual delivery –
plus (Super) Express option

We deliver the translation of your medical texts by the date and time arranged – often even earlier. Depending on the volume of your text, you will receive your translation within a few days. If it is particularly urgent, we prioritise your order with our options Express and Super Express, and work even faster – without compromising on precision and quality.


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Medical and pharmaceutical translations – accurate & fast

When it comes to medical translations, precision is paramount. It’s only possible to ensure that specialist terms and abbreviations are flawlessly translated into the target language when the greatest possible care is taken. If inaccuracies creep in, this can have serious consequences – particularly for patients. We therefore only employ translators for medical translations who are experienced in the industry, have the necessary eye for detail and can also prove this qualification. For large text quantities, our artificial intelligence (AI) system delivers high-quality translated results in seconds. Our experts will check through these results with their specialist knowledge if desired.

For the translation of medical and pharmaceutical content, we recommend our Smart bundle. Thanks to the combination of specialist translation and AI translation, we combine quality with speed. We deploy our AI where it can deliver added value. Our specialists give your text the final polish and translate complex passages with the required know-how.



Fast and focused on the essentials. Our artificial intelligence translates your texts, experienced translators check to see if the core information has actually been translated correctly and make improvements to the text if necessary.

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Recommended for medical translations


A high-quality translation at a really good price. We select the best way of achieving an effective translation according to your specifications. we only utilise AI-supported technology when it measurably improves the quality of the final product.

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4-eyes-plus – for the highest standards. Two experienced translators who specialise in the respective subject area work on your text. The first person translates, the second person corrects and revises the text for style.

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You can find more information about our translation solutions and prices here.

Medical translations

We translate

  • Clinical studies
  • Doctors’ correspondence
  • Information for consent forms
  • Instructions for medical products
  • Medical history files & discharge documents
  • Medical findings and reports
  • Medical opinions
  • Medical software
  • Patient files
  • Patient information leaflets & packaging inserts
  • Provisions & regulations
  • Technical documentation for medical products
  • Test and analysis results
  • Text for medical apps
  • Scientific publications

Medical translations – for all disciplines & specialist fields

Medical-technical instructions or pharmaceutical formulations must exactly match the contents of the source text in the target languages to ensure the absolute safety of patients. So that this is the case, we have three prerequisites for medical translators: 1) excellent language knowledge, 2) proven specialist expertise and 3) up-to-date knowledge of relevant regulations. Both our experts and also our artificial intelligence system know the terminology of the medical disciplines and are always up-to-date regarding changes in regulations and standards (e.g. the Medical Devices Regulation). tolingo works with mother-tongue translators in all sectors of the healthcare industry, including for medical technology, veterinary medicine, dental medicine and pharmaceutics.

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“We’re a pharmaceutical company, so for us the quality of the translations is our number-one priority. Not only are our medical texts complex and sophisticated, they also need to comply with industry-specific EU standards. In tolingo, we’ve found a highly competent service provider who’s always on our side.

For instance, we’ve had certified translations, package inserts and manuals translated into a variety of European languages. We’ve been working with tolingo for several years now, and that alone is a testament to the quality of our partnership.”

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An all-round excellent service – thanks to quadruple certification and valuable add-on services

tolingo is one of the few translation agencies worldwide to possess quadruple ISO certification. The performance and quality of our processes for our translation service (ISO 17100), post-editing of AI translations (ISO 18587), quality management (ISO 9001) and information security (ISO 27001) are regularly externally audited and found to be in good standing. For you, this is reflected in the quality and speed of the translations.

The requirements of a translation project can be just as complex as the specialist medical terminology. Alongside the optimal combination of translation methods – AI and human translation – the devil really is in the details. If you require it, we will not only translate your medical documents but correct, proofread, optimise and refine them. Among our particularly requested add-on services for medical translations are:

Certified translation

If you want it to be absolutely safe, our sworn translators translate your medical documents and officially certify them with a stamp and signature.

Translation memory

We store your translations and use individual passages in future orders. This means that your texts are consistent and you save time and money.

Layout adaptation

Useful for instructions and patient information leaflets: We translate your text and format it so that it appears just like in the original document.

Just in case – (Super) Express option and 220+ language combinations

With our pool of more than 6,000 translators working in all time zones, we can react fast to every request – even for specialist medical translations. The delivery of the translation is also speedy, thanks to our efficient processes; you will normally receive it within a few days, depending on the text quantity. If it’s urgent, you can speed up the processing with our options Express and Super Express. Then we will give high priority to your project and move into top gear for you.

We work with medical translation experts all over the world. For you this means: We can offer your target language too. We are most frequently asked for the following language combinations English – German, German – English and German – French. But beyond these, we also offer translations from and into all major world languages as well as diverse other languages. Here you’ll find an overview of all language combinations.

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