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Translation Pricing Structure Our transparent service pricing is calculated as follows:

Flexible per-word prices

Not all languages are the same. That’s why translation prices also vary. Per-word prices range between 10 and 25 cents, depending on the language combination. You can order translations that do not require additional services directly through the web shop on the tolingo homepage.

Add. Services
Price per word
Basic rate

German – English 17 cents per word
German – Arabic 19 cents per word
English – Chinese 18 cents per word
French – Italian 13 cents per word
€ 14.90 base price per language combination

Additional Services

In addition to pure translation, we also offer services including:

More information on additional services for businesses can be found here.

We would be happy to provide you with an individual quote. Call us without obligation on +49 (0) 40 413 583 100 or email us at