Glossaries for cross-document translation consistencyGlossaries for cross-document translation consistency
Glossary Creation

Glossaries – terminology database

A glossary is a list of terms and jargon with fixed translations, ensuring standardised terminology and consistent use of industry and company-specific language in a translation.

Key technical terms are saved in a multilingual glossary and – if necessary – supplemented with precise descriptions of technical details plus any illustrative images. Clients can either provide an existing glossary or a list of specialist terms for initial translation, or they can work with tolingo to gradually compile a new glossary. This may for example involve us extracting a list of possible terms from your corporate texts, or having our translators suggest glossary terms during the translation process.

Glossaries for cross-document translation consistency

Translators have direct access to the glossary at all times while working on a translation. After the translation is complete, tolingo project managers can also electronically check via the glossary that all predefined terms have been used consistently, ensuring the highest possible translation quality and accuracy. If a term is not translated as specified in the glossary, the translator must justify the deviation.

Client glossaries are stored by tolingo so that they can be reused in all future jobs for that client. Glossaries can be created and used for the entire organisation or only for individual departments or projects. Please contact us and we will create and maintain a company glossary for you.

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Translation memory for maximum consistency and quality

Translation memory

Translation memories ensure that the same high quality is maintained across all projects. In this way, an organisation’s vocabulary becomes the basis for future translations.

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Creating a style guide for your translation

Creation of style guides

Style guide creation guarantees that clients receive homogenous and consistent industry and company-specific language. We would be happy to develop company-specific style guide for you.

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Asian woman is handed a delivery and smiles at the delivery man - express translation

Express translation

Even when things need to happen quickly, we make sure that every project is handled correctly for the subject area and all delivered translations are of high quality - for all industries and languages.

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