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HR7 is known for delivering professional and reliable services in the personnel leasing, personnel recruitment and consulting, on-site management, interim management and in-house outsourcing segments. We aim to provide the perfect combination of speed and quality. Our clients in a wide range of industries have benefited from this for years.

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Translation Project Requirements

The biggest challenge in the project was extracting the full website content in a format that, after translation, could be uploaded directly into the content management system (CMS) that is used to edit the website.

Thanks to advice from our specially trained customer consultants and with the help of the CMS-specific export instructions developed by tolingo, the content could be downloaded from the system with little effort and no prior technical knowledge. Using innovative technology, tolingo was then able to analyse the website content for repetitions in the text. The savings that resulted from this were passed on to the customer in the form of a discount. During translation, HTML elements in the files were left unchanged so that all formatting was preserved in full along with the website structure. This allowed the translated files to be exported in a format that could be uploaded directly into the content management system with minimal effor. The files can be reexported in the same way at any time for translating updated content. Our system recognises previously translated elements, and the resulting savings are passed on to customers.

What our clients say about us

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Our aim is to bring people and employment together. In doing so, we rely on customised solutions that impress both our clients and staff. tolingo understood this concept from the start and implemented it perfectly. There was always support available to us from a dedicated contact who provided us with regular updates on the project’s progress. tolingo combines speed and quality, making them the ideal partner. We are grateful for the successful collaboration, and would be happy to call on tolingo again for future projects.

Katharina Bernhardt – HR consultant

Selection of our services

Successfully localise or internationalise your website

Website translation

With tolingo as a partner for translating your website, there are no limits when it comes to localising and/or internationalising your company and winning new customers abroad.

Website translation
Project management for your future translation projects

Project management

The team of experienced project managers at tolingo coordinates all the relevant steps from project preparation to completion. This includes project evaluation and costing, process optimisation and more.

Project management
Translation memory for maximum consistency and quality

Translation memory

Translation memories ensure that the same high quality is maintained across all projects. In this way, an organisation’s vocabulary becomes the basis for future translations.

Translation memory