Nov 18, 2019 5:24:00 AM

Brexit – and its consequences for many international companies

When it comes to Brexit, the world’s economies are holding their breath. Its consequences remain unclear and it doesn't look like that will be changing any time soon. Chambers of commerce and business consultants are waiting in the wings to flood German companies with checklists and recommendations for ‘Brexit-proofing’ themselves. To go into more detail, Brexit will also certainly require the translation of important documents. That’s why you should safeguard your company as early as possible by choosing a translation partner you can trust today. tolingo is an expert in translation with many years of experience in the world of international business. Many of the biggest companies in Germany already rely on our fast and professional translation services. You too can benefit from one of the world’s leading translation service providers – whatever Brexit may bring.

Your translation expert for Brexit

  • Consultation: During conversations with our expert team, you’ll find out which translation services will be most relevant for your company during Brexit.
  • Identifying languages and documents: Licensing, legal texts, trade agreements – we’ll work with you to identify the relevant documents and language combinations.
  • Custom-tailored translation: We’ll find a qualified translator for every text type and language we identify.

Project management: As a certified translation provider, we’ll accompany you throughout the entire translation process and also advise you on additional services such as a design review of your documents (Desktop Publishing).

Checklist: Translating documents for Brexit

As a service for our clients, we’ve identified the following areas as ones in which the demand for translation will rise dramatically as a result of Brexit:

1. Data privacy & GDPR

The GDPR will continue to apply until Brexit is finalised. It is not clear what aspects of data privacy will be most important once the UK leaves the EU. German companies that intend to send personal data to the UK after a ‘no-deal’ Brexit may need to supply standard data-privacy statements, internal data-privacy policies, approved codes of conduct and other documents.

2. Company transformations

Companies that wish to convert their British legal forms (i.e. limited companies or PLCs) into something more amendable in the event of Brexit will need a large number of translations. Depending on the legal form desired, official documents such as pre-merger certificates or excerpts from the commercial register will need to be translated with great precision. For this reason, we have strict standards for the translators we employ for translation projects such as these: extensive expertise in the world of business.

3. Customs

In the event that the UK leaves the EU, additional licences, verifications or certificates will be required for goods (depending on their value). The European Commission therefore recommends that companies affected start making their preparations now in order to ensure that their products will have valid certificates when Brexit is finalised. The most significant German goods exported to the UK include: motor vehicles and parts; machinery; data processing devices; electronic, optical and chemical products. Our translation agency offers specialised translations for each and every one of these areas.

4. Brand portfolio

If Brexit results in restrictions and import dues, many companies will either move their headquarters to the European Union or expand their brand portfolio to register a separate business within the EU. In this case, the following text types may need to be translated:

  • Legal texts
  • Websites
  • Patents and certificates
  • Product and service directories

5. Trade agreements

The UK hopes to establish trade agreements with the EU or with individual EU member states. Depending on how Brexit is finalised, this may mean that contracts and other documents will need to be translated into all EU (or even non-European) languages, such as Irish Gaelic, Chinese, and many more. With more than 220 language combinations, tolingo is one of the leading translation agencies in Germany offering business translations of this kind.

Certified translations for legal certainty

The translations that Brexit will necessitate will largely be official in nature. In this area, translations must be legally watertight and of the highest possible quality. Our certified translators offer precisely this as a service – certified translations into English and many other language combinations that will safeguard your business no matter the situation. In addition to security, tolingo can also provide predictability: We’ll always keep you informed about the deadlines within which your certified translation will be completed.

This is what makes working with tolingo so special:

  • Exclusively certified specialist translators
  • Personal consultations
  • Processes that are tailored to your needs
  • Maximum protection of your data

tolingo is your partner for high-quality translations throughout the Brexit process

If you’d like to learn more about our highly technical, certified translation process, or have questions about our translation services, feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

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