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tolingo among the Top 100 language service providers in the world

tolingo GmbH from Hamburg has established itself as one of the 100 largest language service providers in the world. In the current study “Language Service Markets: 2018” carried out by independent market research institute Common Sense Advisory (CSA), tolingo is listed as one of the world’s 100 largest providers of language services and technologies for the third time running.

tolingos Managing Director Jens Völkel tolingo’s Managing Director, Jens Völkel:
“We’re proud to be recognised as one of the major and most dynamic players on the translation market for another year running. We know that this honour is not a given, but rather something that we have to keep proving to our clients every day.”

For over 10 years, tolingo has been helping both medium-sized companies and large groups of companies to go global. In creating multilingual content that is perfectly tailored to the target group, tolingo enables its clients to enter into new markets with seamless international communication – and it does so quickly, consistently and to the highest standards of quality.

As the study by CSA Research shows, the global demand for language services and supporting technologies continues to rise. The market is thus growing by approximately 8% each year. CSA puts this down to increasing digitalisation of content, personalised customer service and growing globalisation.

tolingo Logo klein It’s not just the requests that are increasing, but also the level of support
“tolingo is growing considerably quicker than the market, as not only do we offer our clients pure translation, we also offer various additional services and technologies. We respond to the needs of our clients and work together to develop efficient workflows and individual technical solutions”, says Völkel of tolingo’s success.

As a leading market research firm, CSA delivers primary data and insights that support companies with planning, innovation and competitive positioning, while providing a better understanding of the global markets.

    tolingo GmbH

    tolingo is one of the largest and most dynamic translation agencies in Germany. Since 2007, we’ve been enabling both medium-sized companies and large groups of companies to increase their share of the global market. A total of 70 employees at our offices in Hamburg and Stuttgart provide support to our clients in Germany and abroad.

    tolingo’s services help its clients create interesting content in multiple languages, launch products faster and communicate seamlessly and effectively in the respective target markets across the world. Our quality services and our client-oriented, ambitious growth strategy mean that we are continually expanding.

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Client testimonials

Logo der Niedersachsen Ports GmbH

“The translator team at tolingo was able to help us with a last-minute translation of a comprehensive technical text about nature conservation law for a public planning procedure to our complete satisfaction. We were impressed by the professional and reliable processing of the order, which was done within a very ambitious timeframe, as well as the care and support we received in the form of personal contact whenever we had any questions that needed answering.”

Logo der Connox GmbH

“Connox is extremely satisfied with tolingo in every respect – from the transparency of all the services and project planning, the quality of the translations, the discussions and clarification of any questions throughout the process right through to their flexibility in terms of delivery and modification requests. The price for the entire package is also completely reasonable.”

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