Jul 6, 2020 5:37:00 AM

The translation gap – biggest shortcoming in European e-commerce

This was the conclusion recently reached by online payment portal Stripe. The San Francisco-based company found that “lack of translations is the most common flaw in customer checkout on the top 450 European e-commerce websites.” According to Stripe, 9 out of 10 lost sales are attributable to failures in the checkout area. The most common flaw? In 74% of checkouts there was no local translation for customers in other European locations intending to make a purchase. In many cases those customers ultimately had to give up. This is a clear signal that this problem needs to be solved immediately.

But off-the-rack translations won’t help here. In order to optimise sales generation for online shops with international customers, more than just a professional translation of the web content is needed. Visitors expect to be addressed in the relevant language – at all times and everywhere – based on their experience with highly localised and personalised platforms such as Netflix, Facebook and Uber. And even the smallest communication error can lead to a cancelled sale. That’s why localisation of web content is a critical factor for successful sales transactions.

Fewer lost sales with top-notch web content

Thus companies wishing to avoid the most common checkout error and the resulting loss of sales should act fast. The key issue here is to create web content that really fits the bill, i.e. content that strikes the right tone for the local language and has been localised to suit the target group in terms of both cultural considerations and subject matter. And that goes for the entire process, from landing page to checkout.

Our recommendation: Get translation specialists from the field of e-commerce on your side to fill in any “translation gaps” that might be present in your online shop or on the landing pages. tolingo will be delighted to help you with this and take your online commerce communications to the next level with “made to measure” translations and localisation. Contact us for advice.

How you benefit: We draw on our global network of more than 6,000 highly qualified specialist translators. We speak the language of every region of the world. We’re familiar with regional linguistic customs, which helps us communicate effectively on behalf of our clients.

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Source: Slator

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