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Specialist medical translations and translators for the medical industry

specialist medical translations In the medical industry, precise expertise is required more than in any other industry, and this knowledge must be continually updated. New technologies are developed every day; new discoveries are constantly being made about illnesses, medications and forms of therapy.

A translator specialising in medicine therefore always needs to be up to date and obtain information about specialist medical media or about innovations through regular contact with practicing doctors. Therefore, in addition to their linguistic skills, all specialist translators at tolingo have both practical experience and expert knowledge in the field of medicine. The following will provide information on everything you need to know about the translation of specialist medical texts at tolingo.


1. Target group: medical translations – not just for hospitals
2. What is special about translating medical texts?
3. What is typically translated in this field?
4. Why should you choose tolingo for the translation of specialist medical texts?
5. Summary: Your medical translations with tolingo

Contacting tolingo / ordering a medical translation

1. Target group: Medical translations – not just for hospitals

Medical TranslationsThe range of clients who order medical translations with tolingo includes more than simply those responsible at hospitals and doctor’s surgeries. On the contrary, medical research institute, universities and companies from the pharmaceutical industry, life sciences or medical technology, as well as institutions from the health industry or publishers who need medical publications translated, all rely on safe and high-quality translations from tolingo.

Life sciences primarily includes transforming scientific knowledge into innovative technologies for improving people’s health and living conditions. This is where various disciplines from medical research intersect with engineering and software development.

The medical technology sector includes many different products – from electrical appliances for laser treatments and magnetic resonance imaging to manufacturing prostheses, artificial limbs and implants to entire hospital facilities or simple treatment products such as syringes and ampoules.

Not only does the area of pharmacy include the complex requirements of developing and manufacturing medications, but the official release processes for medicines are also a priority.

2. What is special about translating medical texts?

Just as is the case with legal translations, medical translations usually allow specialist translators only a small degree of linguistic creativity. In the worst case, errors in medical translations can be detrimental to the patient’s health. It has been proven that errors in medications can often be traced back to inaccurate translations. As well as this, mistakes can be made when treating patients abroad or foreign patients in Germany if medical records or doctor’s letters are not translated properly.

For this reason, tolingo only employs native-speaker translators who have completed professional medical training or have been translating in the medical industry for many years. This is the only way in which the use of correct terminology and the necessary knowledge of medical correlations can be guaranteed for a translation. Thanks to the ‘four-eye principle’ that tolingo GmbH applies to its translations, a second native-speaker specialist translator also proofreads and corrects the translation. This guarantees the highest level of translation quality.

3. What is typically translated in this field?

Typical translations from the medical industry commissioned by clients at tolingo include documents from the field of medical technology and life sciences. These texts describe, amongst other things, the composition, manufacturing, function and benefits of medical products. The target group here includes both doctors and patients. Translations in this field can range from highly specialised texts for educated doctors to simplified marketing material for a wide audience and thus present many demands. The most important thing is to recognise the level of knowledge of the target group, crafting the texts and their translations in such a way that an understanding, and safe use, of the products can be guaranteed.

translation of medical publicationsPublishers also turn to tolingo to translate medical publications into other languages. The same goes for universities and research institutes as well as for the research departments of companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Our translators also convert studies and research results as well as treatment documentation into other languages.

Other clients of tolingo include manufacturers of medication from the pharmaceutical industry, who commission accurate translations of package leaflets or hazard warnings for foreign markets. Furthermore, translations of instructions for production plants abroad, as well as documents applying for medical inspections and release by the respective authorities in the countries of the target market, are requested.

Documents from *hospital management* also need high-quality translations, as globalisation has an effect on hospitals and care facilities. Foreign specialists and doctors work here, and rely on sound translations. This includes doctor’s instructions, doctor’s letters, prescriptions, discharge reports, surgery reports and results for patients who would like to continue being treated abroad or for those who come from other countries to Germany to continue their treatment here. These translations are not only highly important for medical staff – insurance providers also need such translations in order to be able to bill treatments or medication correctly.

Because of the privatisation of many hospitals, these are also trying to reach foreign patients and researchers. Most importantly, the basis for this – alongside correctly localised medical marketing content – is a website perfectly translated into the target languages; tolingo is also specialised in website translations.

4. Why to choose tolingo for the translation of specialist medical texts?

Exclusively specialised medical translators

Due to the high demands of the medical field, all tolingo translations are only done by native-speaker specialist translators who have either completed professional training or have many years of experience to offer in translating texts from this field. The medical translators at tolingo are not only familiar with specialist terminology, but also understand the correlations between medical and therapeutic procedures of different forms of treatment. tolingo translations are therefore not only correct in terms of language, but also with regard to content. Thanks to many years’ experience with medical texts and close cooperation with specialists from this field, tolingo is also able to offer expertise in a variety of different language combinations.

Certified translation process

Our translation process involves a second native-speaker specialist translator, who checks the translated texts for grammar and syntax, correct reproduction of the original text’s content, spelling, punctuation and completeness. This process at tolingo is certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 17100 for specialised translations. This includes the following:

Full service and personal consultation

tolingo is a full-service translation agency. This not only means that we offer all translation services for every industry and customer requirement, but also that we can support the client from the first phone call to the publication of the translation. In addition to this, clients of tolingo also receive a permanent contact partner, who takes care of your concerns, questions and wishes throughout the entire translation process.

tolingo also offers special services, which improve the cooperation between the client and tolingo as well as the quality of the translation even further. This includes creating glossaries and style guides, linking existing content management systems and our project managers’ extensive experience in file engineering. This means that large numbers of files or unusual file formats are not a problem for tolingo.

Secure medical translations

Data protection: Your documents are safe

Data, documents and patient information are of course treated with strict confidentiality. All tolingo translators have signed contracts to maintain complete confidentiality and all data transfers take place exclusively via our own infrastructure. Within the system and in our online shop, your data is transferred by means of SSL encryption and is therefore perfectly protected. We would be happy to also issue you with a separate non-disclosure agreement.

5. Summary: Your medical translations with tolingo

At tolingo, your medical translation is in the best hands. Patients, doctors, clients and cooperation partners benefit from high-quality translations, which are easy to understand and rule out any misunderstandings. Our qualified native-speaker medical translators not only make sure they provide a perfect translation in terms of language, but also with regard to industry-specific context, thus ensuring the accuracy of the content.

Submit your translation request to tolingo GmbH and benefit from our comprehensive consultation and our special services. Together we can ensure customised solutions which are specifically tailored to your requests, and can organise the cooperation and result of the translation as well and as effectively as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

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