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Specialist medical translations from tolingo

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More than any other industry, the medical field requires precise expert knowledge which must be continuously kept up-to-date. New techniques are being developed every day and new knowledge is constantly being discovered about illnesses, medications and forms of treatment. A medical translator must therefore always be up-to-date and keep abreast of new developments using professional medical publications or through regular contact with practicing health professionals. In addition to linguistic abilities, all tolingo translators working in the medical field have both expert medical knowledge and practical experience in the following areas:

In order to make your texts available to an international expert or lay public, the adaptation of your text to suit the desired target group is a crucial quality feature in addition to the precise use of specialist terminology. We therefore recommend that you state in the translator briefing exactly whether the translation is intended for a trained expert audience or the general public.

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All data that we receive from you will be treated as strictly confidential. Every tolingo translator is bound by confidentiality and exclusively produces their texts in our system, preventing them from downloading or copying your text. We will be happy to issue a separate non-disclosure agreement for you.

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