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Translators at tolingo

How to become a specialist translator

Specialist translators stand out with a high level of expertise in their field. To get qualified with tolingo, they must go through a demanding application process and are evaluated at regular intervals. If a translator is accepted to work for tolingo they have there own log in area to accept orders and to communiate with tolingos project managers.

The translator selection at tolingo GmbH

At tolingo, the translators must undergo a demanding application process. Skills in languages and specialist fields must be proven with an appropriate qualification. All our active translators are evaluated with every order by the respective proofreader and also assessed by tolingo at regular intervals. If you are considering working for tolingo, just send your application (CV and certificates) to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Official Translations

Let us know if you require an official translation for a text such as a certificate or report; tolingo are able to provide country-specific sworn translators as well as certified or notarised texts, according to the needs of your project.