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ISO 27001, 17100, 9001 – Forerunner in quality and security

tolingo adheres to the highest quality standards not only for our clients and translators, but also for our technology partners. All of tolingo’s services and processes are assessed and certified once a year according to applicable standards. This includes the ISO 17100:2015 translation standard, the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, and the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 data security management system. All of these certificates demonstrate that tolingo consistently offers its clients high quality services and optimal data security.

Our certificates: Benefits for the client, meaning, scope of application

ISO 17100:2015 – Quality standard for translation services

The ISO 17100:2015 certificate as a small preview image

In August 2015, tolingo was audited and certified by the LinquaCert certification body in accordance with the international standard ISO 17100:2015. ISO 17100:2015 is an international quality standard for translation services, replacing DIN EN 15038. The ISO standards promote objective criteria to ensure translation quality. The implementation of the requirements outlined by the ISO standard are assessed every year before the certificate is granted. After three years, an extensive repeat audit will be carried out before the company is recertified.

The standard entails requirements for carrying out core processes, the minimum qualifications required, the availability and application of resources as well as of the skills and roles required for the provision of high-quality translation services.

Scope of application: Quality-assured specialised translation and workflow management for technical documentation, specialised legal texts, specialised financial and medical texts, marketing content and corporate communications as well as software, multimedia, and website localisation.

Benefit for the client: The standard includes requirements for translation quality and the processes needed to provide the service. An important aspect of the standard is the expert checking and proofreading of translations by a second native-speaker and specialist translator (“4-eye principle”). Where proofreading is limited or not carried out at all, this may be to the detriment of the quality of the translation.

ISO 9001:2015 – Certified quality management system

The ISO 9001 certificate as a small preview image

In September 2016, TÜV Süd also audited and certified tolingo’s quality-management system in line with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This standard is the most widely used and recognised standard in the quality management sector both at a national and internal level. Every year, an independent auditor from TÜV Süd is responsible for assessing tolingo’s adherence to the quality management system requirements outlined in the standard.

Scope of application: Specialised translation and workflow management for technical documentation, specialised legal texts, specialised financial and medical texts, marketing content and corporate communications as well as software, multimedia, and website localisation.

Benefit for the client: As our client, you can rest assured that tolingo’s quality management system is effective, efficient and legally compliant. Processes are subject to risk analysis and consistently optimised. This allows us to demonstrably improve our products and services and, as a result, optimise the steering of our processes.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – Certified data security management system

The ISO/IEC 27001 certificate as a small preview image

In September 2018 TÜV Süd assessed and certified tolingo’s quality management system in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 for the first time. With the certification, tolingo is a forerunner in the translation sector.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is the leading international standard for data security management systems (ISMS). The standard defines the requirements for the introduction, implementation, monitoring and optimisation of a data security management system. The technology used to protect client data is regularly assessed, scrutinised and optimised. Furthermore, each one of tolingo’s employees is made aware of the importance of data security and receives regular training.

Scope of application: Provision of IT systems and platforms for translation and related services.

Benefit for the client: tolingo’s IT systems ensure the provision of its translation services and guarantee impeccable and seamless handling of translation assignments. The certification also reflects the high quality standards which tolingo applies to the safety of its technology, information, data and processes as well as to its employees. Our certified ISMS guarantees the safety of client data and confidential information throughout the entirety of the supply chain. Our work is 100% legally compliant.

In short – the added value of the certifications for our clients

  • Selection of qualified staff and professional translators
  • Creation of translations that are always checked by a proof-reader (“4-eye principle”)
  • Guaranteed standard for security and confidentiality
  • clearly defined processes for translation services and prject management
  • clearly defined processes for quality management and data security management systems
  • Post-processing of translated documents in order to provide translators with feedback
  • continual monitoring of translator qualifications
  • Minimisation of errors through targeted project preparation
  • Constant improvement of translation service quality
  • strategic continued development of technical capabilities
  • Guaranteed compliance with laws and regulations

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