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Are you looking for an outstanding translation company? Then you’ve come to the right place: tolingo. We translate texts into more than 220 language combinations, adapt them to suit the cultural environment and proofread them down to the very last detail. We have more than 14 years of experience.

Our translations eloquently convey the meaning of the original. Our professional translators work with great precision. And our quadruple ISO certification sets us apart from the competition. We adapt your texts so they are effective in any language and ensure that your international communication is successful.

Why tolingo

High quality

High quality

tolingo works exclusively with certified specialist translators. Usually, they are native speakers who also live in the country of the respective target language – thus ensuring authentic, effective and high-quality translations. To ensure the highest quality, we also have our quality management regularly ISO-certified by the TÜV (ISO 9001:2015).

Maximum security

Maximum security

At tolingo, we ensure data privacy and information security throughout the entire translation process. Our information security management system is tested and certified according to ISO/IEC 27001. Data transmissions are SSL-encrypted (256-bit) at our company and our employees are regularly trained in the topic of information security.

Rapid pace

Rapid pace

Our translators work all over the world, in all time zones, and supply all orders quickly and to a high quality. tolingo’s translation service is certified according to ISO 17100, which means, among other things, that our processes are also structured and organised efficiently. And for particularly urgent translations we offer Express and Super-Express options.


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Our standards for your translation


Fast and focused on the essentials. Our artificial intelligence translates your texts, experienced translators check to see if the core information has actually been translated correctly and make improvements to the text if necessary.

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The most popular choice


A high-quality translation at a really good price. We select the best way of achieving an effective translation according to your specifications. we only utilise AI-supported technology when it measurably improves the quality of the final product.

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4-eyes-plus – for the highest standards. Two experienced translators who specialise in the respective subject area work on your text. The first person translates, the second person corrects and revises the text for style.

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In 3 steps

Your ideal translation

  • Step 1: Get in touch with us or upload files

    The best way is to choose one of our translation solutions – AI, Smart or Premium – and send us your files to be translated. Tell us everything that is important to you for the translation. We will then take care of your order as quickly as possible.

    For larger or more complex translations projects, in particular, we recommend contacting our team directly for a consultation. Send us an email with your requirements and requests or simply give us a call. We’ll send you a tailored quotation for your project.

    Smaller translations can be ordered via our online shop. Select the language of the source text and the target language you need, upload your document and enter the date by which you need the finished translation.

  • Step 2: Generating a free quotation

    When you order one of our translation solutions, we will get back to you with a quote within the shortest possible time. If you wish, we are also happy to advise you and together we check whether the selected solution is the best choice for your project.

    When you place an order by telephone, you’ll be given advice straight away by our customer service team. If you send us an email enquiry, we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible and send you a non-binding quotation that has been tailored exactly to your needs and offers great value for money. If you have any questions, our team is, of course, available to answer them at any time. We’ll get started with your order once you’re happy with everything.

    When you order through our online shop, the price will be displayed automatically within seconds. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can confirm your order and submit it to us.

  • Step 3: Have your text professionally translated

    Regardless of whether you place your order via our web shop or with our customer service team, our translation company will find the perfect solution for you. Our international pool of around 6,000 native-speaker translators includes experts in every possible field who can provide medical, legal, scientific and technical translations. And we provide translations in many other fields too.

    If you require a certified translation, we’ll send your documents to one of our sworn translators. If you’re in a rush, you can even opt for our Express and Super-Express services to have your texts translated into the language of your choice as quickly as possible. If you want to be on the safe side, we offer additional proofreading and editing. If you want your texts to be not only well translated but also as beautifully formatted as the original, you can order an additional layout adjustment. And if you need regular translations in the future, we recommend a translation memory. However, we’ll always provide the quality you expect from us and deliver your documents by the deadline whichever option you choose.

Your contact

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Constantin Mackel // Account Manager

+49 40 413 583 148 // constantin.mackel@tolingo.com

AI, Smart, Premium – or an individual translation solution? Let us advise you! Our aim: To ensure your texts work. In every language.


Your choice – three clever translation solutions

  • AI
  • Smart
  • Premium
AI – fast and focused on the essentials.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) translates your text. This will not be a standard online translator, but an AI that we have configured. Which one we select will depend on the type of text, and we will test it in advance.

We do not leave the machine to do everything on its own, however. In a second step, experienced specialist translators then check if the core information has actually been translated correctly and, if necessary, improve the text.

The result: A translated text that is essentially correct in terms of its content, without stylistic intercessions.


Machine Translation plus Light Post Editing by a translator

Delivery time: 1 business day*


Price: from €0.06/word

Order AI

Smart – a high-quality translation at a really good price.

We select the best way of getting an effective translation that meets your specifications. This means that the translation is either created by a specialist translator or by machine translation, which includes a comprehensive revision by our specialist translators afterwards.

Before the job begins, we analyse and test which method achieves the highest quality for your texts. This solution is the most popular and often it is literally the smartest choice.

The result: A translated text that is correct in both content and style.


a) Human translation or b) AI translation plus Full Post Editing by a translator – depending on the text

Delivery time: 3 business days*

Options: Express, Super-Express

Price: from €0.11/word

Order Smart

Premium – 4-eyes-plus for the highest standards.

Two experienced specialist translators who focus on the respective subject area work on your text. The first translates, and the second corrects and revises the text for style.

Often this translation solution is ideal for demanding text types in which the messages also resonate between the lines and more extensive text adjustments are needed if the translation is to reach the target audience in their cultural context.

The result: A translated text that has the correct content and style and is also easy to read and adapted to the target group.


Human translation plus Editing by a second specialist translator

Delivery time: 4 business days*

Options: Express, Super-Express

Price: from €0.19/word

Order Premium

*depending on the amount of text

Why tolingo

Even more reasons to convince you

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Fair prices and personalised quotations

Here at tolingo, we’re always transparent about costs and offer our customers fair value for money as a translation company. Therefore, the translation costs for each order are calculated based on a number of easily comprehensible and common factors: length of the text, language combination, type of translation, delivery deadline, file format and subject area. As an additional option, you can order a proofreading and editing service, a layout adjustment and a translation memory for each translation.

Personal advice for optimum results

The better we know your wishes and requirements, the better we can translate. In dialogue with you, we will determine which translation solution is the right one for you, or provide you with an individual offer. If you prefer, you can also upload the texts you need to have translated to our online shop. Whichever option you choose, you’ll always have a personal contact who is available to answer your questions throughout the project.

More than a translation company

Highly successful translations

Additional services
Certified translations
Express translations
Proofreading & editing
Layout adaptation
Glossary creation
Translation memory
For official purposes

It is important to be especially meticulous when translating official documents. Our sworn translators are certified and can provide certified translations so you can be confident that everything will be correct and the final document will be stamped and signed.

More about certified translations
When you’re in a hurry

If you need your content translated and sent back to you as quickly as possible, we can speed things up for you. When you opt for an Express or Super-Express translation, we’ll give your project priority and produce a professional translation for you within a very short timeframe.

More about express translations
When your text needs to be perfect

Proofreading or editing? Light post-editing or full post-editing? These specialist terms stand for various levels of proofreading and editing in human translation or machine translation. With our translation solutions, you’ll always find the level of proofreading or editing that works for you.

More about proofreading & editing
When you need it to look good

It does not always have to be Word! Our experts in desktop publishing ensure that all images, graphics and texts, including correct line breaks and word divisions, are also depicted correctly in the target document. For instance in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, PowerPoint or Framemaker.

More about layout adaption
When your wording matters

Corporate texts in particular are peppered with technical terms, corporate wordings and namings. We collect your special terms in a glossary and translate them consistently and exactly as you want for all your projects. This not only improves the quality of your translations, but also lowers your costs.

More about glossary creation
When your texts need to be consistent

With recurring translation orders, it is nearly always worthwhile creating a translation memory. This is a type of memory for texts that have already been translated. For follow-up orders with similar content, these are automatically retrieved, not included in the charge and always translated in the same way.

More about translation memories
Legal translations
Marketing translations
Medical translations
Technical translations
Other industries
For precise legal texts

Forget about clever wordplay or idiomatic translations because the most important thing is accuracy when it comes to legal texts. Our legal specialist translators are experts in the legal language used in both the source and target languages and always translate this complex content with the highest levels of precision.

More about legal translations
For stimulating content

Marketing claims, advertising copy or editorial content needs to be precisely tailored to the target group. Translating this type of content requires a great deal of finesse. Our translators possess the expertise needed to help your texts resonate all over the world.

More about marketing translations
For texts from the medical & pharmaceutical sectors

Medical and pharmaceutical translations require the highest level of care and attention to detail because people’s health is of the utmost importance. Our medical specialist translators have in-depth knowledge of the specialist terminology and will produce precise, correct translations for you.

More about medical translations
For technical texts

Medical and pharmaceutical translations require the highest level of care and attention to detail because people’s health is of the utmost importance. Our medical specialist translators have in-depth knowledge of the specialist terminology and will produce precise, correct translations for you.

More about technical translations
For specialist translations that meet your requirements

Medical and pharmaceutical translations require the highest level of care and attention to detail because people’s health is of the utmost importance. Our medical specialist translators have in-depth knowledge of the specialist terminology and will produce precise, correct translations for you.

More industries
All languages
The number one language in the world

English is the most widely spoken language in the world. We offer translations from numerous languages into UK or US English, as well as the other way around. By the way: English – German and German – English are our most in-demand language combinations.

More about English translations
Translations par excellence

To ensure effective communication either into or out of French, we work exclusively with native speakers for all French translations. Regardless of the subject area or target group, we’ll always provide excellent results.

More about French translations
More than an intermezzo

Although Italian is not anywhere near as widespread as Spanish, Italian translations are very much in demand at our company. Most of our translations are Italian – German and vice versa. However, we are able to supply language combinations such as Italian – Polish and Italian – Turkish promptly too.

More about Italian translations
Para todo el mundo

Spanish is a multifaceted language and different variants of Spanish are spoken in Mexico or Argentina compared to the language that is used in Spain, for example. Therefore, for our Spanish translations, we work exclusively with native speakers who generally live and work in the target region.

More about Spanish translations
Over 220 language combinations

As an international translation company, we maintain a pool of certified specialist translators who offer an enormous selection of languages. Alongside major world languages like English and Chinese, we also translate into and out of other languages like Portuguese or Hungarian.

All language combinations
Questions or wishes? We’re happy to help you:
+49 40 637 953 02 21 // service@tolingo.com