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The personal touch – all over the world

For over a decade, more than 35,000 clients have put their trust in the straightforward, reliable, competent and personal customer service offered by tolingo. At our headquarters in Hamburg, over 70 employees are responsible for the successful coordination of translation projects on behalf of companies and agencies within Germany and abroad all over the world. With a consistent focus on the unique challenges of each assignment and attentive to the needs of our clients.

Our Hamburg office – your gateway to the world

Hanseatic, international, free: This is more or less how you could summarise the flair of Germany’s second largest city. Situated right on the Elbe, this “global city” is not only a hub of culture, politics, business, progress and growth, but its very location and extensive seaport and international harbour infrastructure also make for an intersection of people, business and goods from all corners of the Earth – the perfect place for a cosmopolitan and internationally active company such as tolingo.

Our Hamburg office

Thinking without borders and growing strategically

As a globally active, constantly growing company, we’re always working on broadening our reach beyond Germany and Europe. In our search for new tolingo locations, we’re therefore very concerned about strategic proximity to important global growth markets. These markets have and will continue to have a massive influence on our clients’ requirements, helping us as a service provider and companies with great innovation and development potential to continually advance.