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Poland is an essential trade and tourism partner to many of its fellow EU member states. In particular, Poland’s nearest neighbouring countries often have workers, goods and services crossing the border in both directions. There are many compelling reasons for companies who are active in these regions to focus on Poland. But one major obstacle frequently gets in the way: the Polish language. While companies often find it relatively easy to communicate in other neighbouring countries, even just the Polish greeting pozdrowienie requires a certain level of familiarity with the language. As a professional translation agency for Polish, tolingo provides high-quality translations of all kinds that will make you extremely competitive on the Polish market.

Your certified translation agency for Polish

As one of the highest-rated and largest translation agencies in Germany, tolingo offers expertise, great service and a fast turnaround for all your Polish translation needs:

  • Your texts will be translated into or out of Polish by certified specialist translators with comprehensive knowledge of their respective industry
  • All of our translators are native speakers in their respective language
  • All our work is carried out promptly and reliably. With our express service, translations can even be completed within just a few hours
  • We maintain a very strict quality standard, one for which we have received quadruple ISO certification
  • Professional project management enables us to flawlessly handle even more extensive or complex projects

Delivering high-impact Polish translations for more than 15 years

With more than fifteen years of experience, tolingo has made a name for itself in the translation industry. We’re a translation agency with a great deal of experience with the Polish language and a huge variety of language combinations such as German – Polish and Polish – English. Quality is our top priority. In order to meet our own high standards in this area, we maintain our ISO 9001-certified quality management system.

This system keeps the ordering process simple. For ordinary translation projects, all you need to do is upload a file (we can handle a variety of formats) to our online shop, then place the order. This makes your job easier and gives us plenty of time for what’s most important: Translating your documents into or out of Polish with the highest degree of professionalism.

  • Translations of all kinds – from online shops to legal contracts

    Thanks to our extensive network of more than 6,000 translators located around the world, we can cover a wide range of needs. tolingo has both sworn translators for your document or certificate in Polish and legal experts for your contracts. Because we’re so well situated to handling a range of requirements, we can translate any type of content. Our most frequent Polish-language orders from clients are:

    • Online content, such as advertising text or blog posts
    • Product descriptions for online catalogues or shops
    • Technical or medical manuals and reports
    • Contracts and other legal documents
    • Import and export documents
    • Business analyses or reports
  • Easy ordering and processing

    tolingo makes the ordering and delivery process for your Polish translation as easy as possible. Our systems support a variety of file formats; we’ve set up a simple ordering process and offer a range of delivery timing options. All you have to do is select the service that best suits your needs.

    • Order regular translations online: Just upload your document to our online shop and select your desired language combination. You will then be shown several possible delivery dates. If you’d like to utilise our express service, simply select a date that is earlier than those offered to you.
    • For bigger or more complicated translation projects, place your order by phone: If you have special requirements or preferences relating to your project, you can also contact our service representatives at this number: +49 (0) 40 63 79 53 06 55. We’re also happy to discuss express translations with you over the phone.
  • Experts in all industries

    We translate specialist texts in many different areas, including technical manuals for the automotive industry and other extensive translation projects for sectors such as banking & finance, mechanical engineering, e-commerce & trade, medicine, law, travel & tourism, art & culture, marketing & PR, and technology.

    This enables us to easily deliver Polish translations for the following industries and commercial sectors, among others:

    • IT support and software development
    • Tourism and hospitality
    • Logistics and manufacturing
    • Skilled trades and mechanical engineering
    • Banking & finance
  • Translations in all language combinations

    In addition to the language combinations of German – Polish and Polish – German, tolingo of course also offers high-quality translations from and into various other languages. Among the most frequently requested language combinations are:

    Don’t see the language combination you’re looking for? Just contact us! We’ll find the perfect native-speaker translator to work on your project.

tolingo only works with native speakers for our Polish language combinations (and every other combination we offer)

Some everyday terms – such as policja (police), muzeum (museum) and restauracja (restaurant) are similar enough to their English equivalents that it might not be so difficult for even non-translators to understand them. But translating a detailed price quotation, complex operating manual or appealing to a specific target group in Lublin or Mazovia is a job that’s usually better left to a native speaker of Polish. That’s why tolingo works exclusively with professionally trained native-speaker translators.

The specialist translator carefully selected for your project doesn’t get their knowledge from an English-Polish dictionary – thanks to extensive experience in your industry, your translator will know how to choose the right words for the respective context. This is important because there can be a world of difference between Z poważaniem (“best regards”) and na razie (“see you soon”) in a business context. And those who are already well versed in your industry speak your language – in both senses of the phrase – without having to spend a lot of time looking things up and doing research. In this way, we can ensure that you’ll always receive your Polish translation not only quickly, but also in the highest quality.

Polish – a rich and varied language

Polish is a West Slavic language. Standard Polish is the most commonly spoken variant; dialects are now almost non-existent. One particular feature of the Polish language is its nine special characters with accents. The Polish alphabet has 32 letters in total. Polish learners often struggle with pronunciation because Polish words can contain up to five consecutive consonants. Therefore, the best way to learn spoken Polish is from a native speaker.

The Polish language continues to thrive due to the approximately 38 million Poles living in the country and another 12 million or so Polish speakers all over the world. Although the language’s scope is limited when compared with English, Spanish or Chinese, Polish is still a great way to reach a large number of people.

Further advantages of successful Polish translations

  • Effective targeting thanks to localisation

    For companies who are looking to win new customers across Poland, a targeted approach that references regional concerns in places like Szczecin, Zielona Góra or Poznań will likely be advantageous.

    In the translation industry, the term localisation is used when a text makes particular reference to geographical and cultural specificities. Localisation allows your texts to be even more precisely tailored to the respective target market, in order to further improve your chances of success.

    But for this to be effective, the translator must not only be familiar with the language, but also with the country and its people: Poles are just as proud of their culture as they are of their language. Art, literature and music are considered national treasures that should be cherished. After all, the works of Polish artists such as Frédéric Chopin and Wisława Szymborska are considered to be classics all over the world. And other important figures such as Pope John Paul II, footballer Robert Lewandowski and politician Lech Wałęsa have also enjoyed international fame. When localising Polish translations, therefore, referencing Polish culture and history is a sure-fire way to get your target audiences’ attention. Thanks to tolingo’s professional language services, localisation couldn’t be easier!

  • Personalised customer service ensures top quality

    At tolingo, we prioritise providing expert and reliable client services. You’ll have a designated contact person who you can turn to at any time. This is how we ensure that we’ll get to know you and your company intimately. After all, the translations we’ll complete for you will require the precise wording and expressions that match the message your company wants to send.

  • Full-service translation services, all under one roof

    Are you planning an extensive Polish translation project? Then you’ve come to the right place – tolingo! Our experienced project managers will take care of any aspect of your project which requires special attention and are always available to answer your questions. They ensure that texts are delivered on time and that files are available in the correct formats (file engineering). Thanks to other processes, you can also be confident that a consistent style is maintained (style guide) and recurring passages are always translated in the same way (translation memory). Our full-service project management for translation projects will handle various aspects for you so that you can concentrate fully on your own core competencies.

  • At tolingo, expertise, quality and security are certified

    The TÜV has audited our comprehensive quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and confirmed it complies with a certificate. The certification body LinquaCert has also audited tolingo for compliance with the ISO 17100 quality standard for translation services and certified it accordingly. What’s more, the TÜV Süd certificate also proves the effectiveness of our data security management system according to the ISO 27001 standard.

    The critical eye of independent certification bodies can therefore confirm that tolingo has an excellent command of translation quality, internal and customer-related processes as well as IT security. This makes tolingo a pioneer in the translation market.

Order your next translation directly from tolingo

tolingo is your professional translation agency

  • for Polish
  • with exclusively native-speaker specialist translators,
  • certified quality management,
  • encrypted SSL data transfer systems and
  • full-service options for bigger projects

Order your Polish translation via our online shop or contact us for further details or a free quotation. Our Polish translators look forward to receiving your assignment!

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