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tolingo is a competent and reliable partner for all kinds of translations. We provide you with a comprehensive translation services and overall consultation on process design and technical solutions as well as on quality assurance and cost savings through word repetitions and automated procedures. We analyse the systems and processes used by you and create a customised solution for all translation services in your company.

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File engineering: file adjustments and format conversions of your documents

XML file translation

tolingo can process language files in the form of XML files without any problems. The structure of the original file will be preserved during the translation process.

XML file translation
Successfully localise or internationalise your website

Typo3 Export

The translated data can be imported directly onto the site as a new language version. This eliminates the time spent manually copying text into and out of TYPO3.

Typo3 translation
Professional translation services for the globalised business world

WordPress Export

The aim is to capture all of your website text in an xliff export so that it can be sent to tolingo for professional analysis and used as a basis for translation.

WordPress translation