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Community involvement

Comprehension, understanding, responsibility

Language connects people and brings us closer together!

Here at tolingo, we’re an international team that’s located all over the world. Every day, we help people understand each other and ensure that content reliably reaches its target audience by utilising language to its fullest potential.

Language transcends borders: Translators without Borders

Translators without Borders: translation agency  tolingo

Languages and intercultural communication are deeply important to us. To aid understanding in those places where it is needed the most, we have for many years now been supporting Translators without Borders. Since 1993, this American non-profit organisation has endeavoured to overcome language barriers that hinder important humanitarian and international development work around the world.

To help them achieve their goal of providing access to vital information and services, we support Translators without Borders as a Bronze Partner with a fixed annual donation.

You can find out more about the many and varied aid projects this amazing organisation undertakes as well as further information about how you can donate at: 


Giving children a voice: Plan International

We are a family-friendly company and have many young parents working for us. Since 2009, we have been sponsoring several children via the global children’s charity Plan International, an NGO championing human rights – in particular those of children and young people.

By holding training sessions and discussion groups on rights, health, the importance of a school education (in particular for girls) and equality between men and women, and also by introducing financing measures that generate direct income (e.g. effective farming, training of teachers and establishing a functional water supply), Plan International helps the children it sponsors navigate their way into adult life and ensures that their voices can have an impact.

You can find out more about child sponsorship across the world and further aid projects undertaken by the organisation at:

Translation agency tolingo for Plan International

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In contrast to literary translation specialist translation demands not only excellent linguistic skills but also utmost precision regarding word choice and knowledge of the subject area and its terminology.

Specialist translation
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